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Spout applicator

The DHP101 is a fully automatic, single head spout applicator for drums (barrels).
Completely robotic driven. Speed: around 500 – 800 BPH.
Thanks to its design, it is very compact, because we get rid of the spout unscrambler.
Moreover, the spouts are recognised by a vision system, and grabbed and inserted by a robot. As a result, this allows full flexibility and yet without a robot interface, it is easy to operate for the operators.


Today’s AdBlue market requires a lot of 5, 10 & 20L plastic packaging. For easy pouring, a spout is integrated in the drum.
Both container and spout are made on separate machines at separate cycle times.
Because manual insertion is very labour-intensive and expensive, we have developed this vision controlled spout applicator.


  • Low floor space usage because the spout applicator does not need an unscrambler.
  • Configurable left – right infeed to suit your needs.
  • Bad or deformed products do not lead to a line stop but are disregarded.
  • Reject bin for non-inserted and deformed products.
  • 250L bin for spouts, which allows the storage of 300-600 spouts, depending on the design.

We can support you in the spout designing process as well, so profit from our experience!


Handle applicator for bottles (without handle unscrambler): DHP301
Handle applicator for bottles (with handle unscrambler): DHP200


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