Delta Engineering offers a complete range of packing machines.

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Bagging is the future of bottle packing. The cost of bagging is averagely only 20% of the cost of cardboard packing and reducing labor drastically. Beside this, bagging is a very hygienic way of packing: no physical contact with the finished product anymore and no risk for cardboard contamination.

All our bagging machines are, within their range of settings, able to produce different packing lengths and widths to optimize pallet stability. They have also been designed to handle difficult bottles and make fast product change-overs.

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Shrinking tunnels

Next to our baggers you can use optionally our shrinking tunnels to give more stability to the bags.

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Tray packers

Tray packing remains the most common way to pack bottles on a pallet. Delta Engineering offers a complete range of tray packers, easy to move around and to change over. We also provide a range of extensive options to handle the most difficult bottles. All our tray packer can be equipped with a space saving and economic leak tester.

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A complete range of palletizers is available, from semi-automatic to full automatic units. To palletize stackable containers or pack empty bottles in trays, on hoods (trays with side lips down), on flat sheets, in half or in full trays. The full automatic units can make pallets up to a height of 3.1m.

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Palletizers & depalletizers

Discover our flexible stacking & destacking units which can be used to position trays, bags, layers and top covers.

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Tray warehouses

Different units available for integration to obtain full automatic packing lines.

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Lane switchers

To divide 1 incoming conveyor up to 6 outgoing conveyors.

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Case packers

Units to pack empty bottles into cardboard boxes. Optionally the boxes can be automatically inserted or stacked.

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Tumble packing

To pack bottles in a controlled way in boxes or flexible silos.

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