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DDC100 - Dynamic Data Collector

Dynamic Data Collector

Our Dynamic Data Collector is a line PC which collects all data from the blow moulding line. Can start/stop machines, measures energy consumption, line efficiency, and much more to improve your efficiency. Makes the data available in SQL, MYSQL, etc. for reporting.

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DDC200 - Dynamic Data Collector Server application

Dynamic Data Collector Server application

This Dynamic Data Collector Server application captures data from the different Dynamic Data Collectors on the lines. Then, it stores and condenses the data after a while. Data on line control include measurements of line efficiency, energy consumption, etc.

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014 by
DDH025 - Dehumidifier


The dehumidifier extracts humidity from the air in your production environment. It uses mould water to cool down the air, reducing the dew point. This avoids condensation on your moulds/machines.

Line controller

Wednesday, 19 March 2014 by
DLC100 - Line controller

Line controller

Line controllers allow supervision of the parameters & operation of machines & production lines. Controls the flow of bottles, transitions… For higher line efficiency!

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