There is always something new to be experienced at Delta Engineering. Whether it is a new development or upgrades on existing machines in close cooperation with our customers.

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Dates 6 – 10th October 2020
Exhibition space TBC
Address Makuhari Messe | Chiba, Tokyo, Japan
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April 2020


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DELTA Plasma Coating

Plasma coating, which has long been used to treat the surfaces of beverage bottles, isn’t just for soft drink companies anymore. The method, which can be used to improve the gas barrier of PET bottles, also offers benefits when it comes to manufacturing HDPE products and big containers.

The Technology
Plasma is one of the four states of matter, along with solid, liquid and gas. Delta Engineering’s new coating machines preform plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD).

Advantages of Plasma Coating
Plasma coating is a viable alternative to multilayer technology, offering a variety of benefits. Compared with multilayer technology, it’s more cost-effective and also sustainable from an environmental perspective.
Coating technologies make recycling more efficient and effective, an essential step toward a circular economy.

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May 2018


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Delta Engineering’s new spray coater applies a light coating to bottles to address several issues that often affect PET bottles on filling lines. Bottles enter on a conveyor, then are grabbed by the neck and misted with an anti-static coating before the dry bottles are returned to the conveyor to exit the machine at a rate of about 8,000 bottles per hour.

What’s new?
The machine, which is making its North American debut at NPE2018.

Improved product quality and smoother production operations. Bottles treated by the coater are less likely to get stuck between guides, have improved brightness, fewer scuff marks and less static. Users can quickly and easily make adjustments to accommodate different types of bottles. Also, the machine’s new spray process is efficient, reducing coating consumption.

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Exhibition Name NPE 2018
Recap of event Delta Engineering at NPE
Dates 7 – 11th May 2018
Exhibition space S18058
Address Orlando, Florida USA


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Belgian delegation in our offices from Atlanta