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Pallet duplicator


We developed the pallet duplicator to allow one operator to make a full height pallet.

As a result, you can often reduce the transport costs by 5 to 15 %, just by loading the truck higher!

The machine

This pallet duplicator stacks two ‘half height’ pallets, combining them into one complete, full height pallet (3100 mm). With removal of the intermediate layer.

So how does this work exactly?
Firstly, the operator makes the first part of the pallet on a dummy pallet. Then, he inserts the dummy pallet into the duplicator. After closing the safety fence, the pallet duplicator inserts its fingers underneath the pallet, and the sides are clamped. This way, the bottles do not fall off during the process.
Next, the machine grabs and lifts the content of the first ‘half pallet’, leaving the dummy pallet on the floor. As a result of lifting the first half pallet, there is now ‘free space’ under it.

Secondly, the operator arrives with the second ‘half pallet’. Then, the pallet duplicator just inserts it underneath the first half, and automatically sets down the upper pallet on top of it. Finally, the operator can remove the complete pallet.

This works with trays, hoods as well as sheets, and is fully flexible.

Moreover, one DP050 can serve different machines and is generally placed near the stretch wrapping machine.

In fact, this is a perfect combination with our DP200: the DP200 makes half high pallets, whereas the DP050 stacks them.

Furthermore, the pallet duplicator is a very flexible and versatile solution. In this combination, you can easily make pallets up to 3100 mm with moderate investments and almost no operator workload.


  • Increases the number of bottles in one transport, reducing transport costs!
  • Easy to operate.
  • Can handle different pallet sizes.



Semi-automatic palletizer: DP200DP201
Standard tray packers: VZT210, VZT211, VZT212


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