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Pallet dispenser


On fully automatic lines, you often need pallet dispensers. These units dispense empty pallets onto a roller conveyor.
In this way, you can reduce the operator intervention time and you avoid pallet trucks in the production.

As a result, it improves your OEE or Overall Equipment Effectiveness. But what does OEE mean?
In short, OEE is a way to measure how productive your manufacturing is. By doing so, you can use this knowledge to improve your production processes!

Besides, there is a need for a large variation of pallet dispensers, because of the big variation of pallets: EUR, INDUSTRY, AUS, US, CP1, …, CP9, etc.
On top of the varying size of pallets, also the number of pallets and the outfeed direction can vary. With this in mind, please check our link to the pallet descriptions: Different pallet types used in Blow molding.

The machine

Pallet dispensers are often sold without safety precautions.
We at Delta Engineering, however, always integrate additional optical safety barriers, to ensure the needed performance level.

Moreover, different versions are available in size, number of pallets, as well as outfeed directions!

Also, this pallet dispenser can be integrated in Delta packing machines to obtain a fully automatic line.


  • Wide range of versions available
  • Units available for different pallet types
  • Different entry sides available
  • Integrates with different roller conveyors



Palletizers with integrated roller conveyor: DP240, DP290, DP300
Roller conveyor: CR1240
Pallet transfer car: DTC1240


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