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Fully automatic drum palletizer – for stackable containers


Stackable drums’ production lines have a fairly high number of pallets per hour. Therefore, they also have a high level of operator intervention time.

Moreover, 20 or 25 L drums are often stacked 7 layers high in order to optimize the transport height in the lorry. However, manually stacking those 7 layer high pallets is nearly impossible. To this end, you can use our DP300 or DP290 drum palletizers, suitable for stackable containers of 2 to 60 L!
Because it can make pallets up to 3.1 m high (7 layers of 25L drums), you can work with Jumbo trailers, minimizing the transport costs!

The machine

So how does this work?

Firstly, the drums enter the machine on a conveyor and they form a row. Then, the palletizer pushes the row onto a table in order to make a layer. Once the complete layer is ready, the layer gripper grabs the layer. Then, the gripper puts the layer on the pallet.

In addition, this drum palletizer has a special centering system to ensure that the stacking nobs from the top container fit in the base of the following layer.

Moreover, the infeed can be optionally equipped with a rotary system, which allows to rotate every drum. After all, this is often necessary because containers are stacked facing the neck to the inside, for stability reasons.

Furthermore, this drum palletizer has programmable operator intervention schemes for placing trays, caps, etc.


  • All stacking patterns are possible (also with containers in different directions)
  • Easy setup and short changeover times thanks to recipes
  • Integrated pallet conveyor for pallets in both directions
  • Buffer capacity in the drum palletizer up to 3 pallets
  • Can be integrated in automatic pallet transport system (4 different versions)



Fully automatic palletizer for stackable containers: DP290 (compact version of the DP300, without the roller conveyor going through)
Semi-automatic palletizer – buffer table 1200 x 1200mm: DP200
Semi-automatic palletizer – buffer table 1400 x 1200mm: DP201
Fully automatic palletizer with integrated tray warehouse – in trays: DP240, DP252, DP263


Quality center for containers: QC050, QC055
Pallet conveyor: CR1240
Dust cap applicator: ETK300


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