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DSB250 - Tumble pack - silo loading unit

Tumble pack – silo loading unit


Flexible silos are the ideal solution for non-food in-house productions, or nearby plastic bottle manufacturing sites.
They consist of a metal frame with a PVC cloth or PP woven inside bag (low-cost version).
Optionally, we can mount Kevlar reinforced straps on the inside. Because when correctly mounted, they can resolve denting issues.
These silos (our DFS010 / DFS100 / DFS150) can be loaded in different ways:

  • Either the bottles are coming from a conveyor, standing up. This is often necessary when the bottles need quality control (weight, vision, leak testing…). For this application, the DSB300 silo loading unit is the perfect solution.
  • Or, the bottles are falling out of the machine onto a conveyor, scrambled. In this case, we advise the DSB250.


The machine

Firstly, the bottles are dropped (scrambled) onto the infeed conveyor of the DSB250 silo loading unit. Then, the unit conveys them upwards, onto a tilting plate. This tilting plate diverts the bottles into the selected silo, because the machine has 2 positions for flexible silos. As the unit can load 2 silos alternately, the operator has a big time span between different interventions! Moreover, this tilting plate is coated to avoid bottle scratching (as the bottles are falling on the tipping plate).

In contrast with the DSB300, the bottles are counted ‘approximately’, because they are scrambled as they are falling on the infeed conveyor. Generally, the machine cycles are counted and it’s assumed that in every cycle, we have ‘x’ bottles.

Furthermore, you can adjust the conveyor speeds as well as the gradual filling function, which avoids bottle deformation in extrusion blow molding. Besides, a cooling station DSS010 is available, to cool the bottles while being filled into the silo, which also avoids thermal bottle deformation.

Optionally, we can also add a vibrator station to gently vibrate the silos while they are being filled, in order to get a better,
denser filling of the silo.


  • Rigid construction
  • Compact floor space usage
  • Simple operation
  • Economic solution



Tumble pack – silo loading unit: DSB300


Flexible silo – half height – top outlet: DFS010
Flexible silo – full height – top outlet: DFS100
And the flexible silo – full height – base outlet: DFS150
Loading station with cooling function for flexible silo: DSS010
Unloading station for flexible silo: DSS050


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