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Box tumble pack loading unit


Tumble packing is a widely used solution: for small bottles, or where the transport distance between the manufacturing site and filling site is not so big.
Generally, we lose 10-30 % transport volume when going from arranged packing to tumble packing, strongly depending on the bottle volume and geometry. However, it is still a viable solution for small bottles.

Therefore, we have developed the DSB200 which can gradually load boxes with empty bottles, tumble packed.

The machine

This tumble pack loading unit can be mounted on a Delta Engineering conveyor, suiting your needs.
One photocell measures the position of the bottle on the conveyor.
Then, the unit calculates the position of the bottle on the conveyor and rejects the bottle on the right spot.
Moreover, we can add reject spots in any direction or side of the conveyor. As a result, you get a very compact and flexible solution!

Furthermore, every reject station has a multifunctional button lamp which is used by:

  • the operator: to reset the station, indicating he has replaced the box,
  • the machine: to indicate which box is being filled,
  • the machine: to indicate that the box is full.

The conveyor comes with guidings, but only for safety reasons, not for guiding usage. Mostly, they are placed below so that fallen bottles cannot roll off. When bottles would be touching the guidings, the bottle position could be dislocated, and this could disrupt the counting.

Additionally, this tumble pack system can gradually load the boxes to avoid thermal deformation!


  • Simple system, allowing full flexibility
  • Compact floor space usage
  • Simple operation
  • Economic solution
  • Configurable according to your needs
  • Bad products (fallen, non-counted ones) fall off at the end, reducing customer complaints



Simple Twin Box loading unit – tumble packing: DSB010


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