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Spin trimmer for round lost heads (domes) – long version


Lost dome trimming is a technique that allows you to make bottles with lower weight necks. As a result, you save on material, reducing the bottle cost.

Therefore, we designed this spin trimmer for trimming off round lost domes (= lost heads) of the bottles.

To clarify, the machine cuts off the lost dome and regrinds it back into the material stream. This technique is also advisable for bigger neck diameters. Because with big neck diameters, calibrating is difficult to keep straight, which results in additional scrap and irregularities in the neck area.

The machine

The DC150 is a classic spin trimmer with a round lost dome.
The bottles are running into the machine, grabbed by the lost dome and running over a heated knife.

Furthermore, with our trimmers, you can trim in different ways:

  • Either slowly over 75 % of the knife length, resulting in a perfect cut: the best way of setting the machine.
  • Or, aggressively on the neck, punching through, one revolution and the bottle is cut. This method is advisable for bigger diameters or thin-walled products with low resistance.

The DC150 spin trimmer (long version) can trim heads with a neck diameter above 80 mm – up to to 120-140 mm, depending on the design and material distribution. On the other hand, for lost heads up to 80 mm, we developed our DC100 short version.

Although the machine is suitable for round lost heads only, the bottle body can be oval, square, etc.

Most importantly, spin trimming is not about the machine, but about the lost head design. In other words, getting the right quality and scrap free production is strongly depending on the design of the lost dome.

Profit from our +25 years of experience and let us help you designing the right lost dome for your product. Please see our articles in our knowledgebase area on our website.


  • Cuts the bottles in-line & standing
  • Different profiles are available
  • Perfect cut, through adjustment of knife (without burrs through heated knife)
  • The bottles are guided by the lost head, so that you can use the same unit for different bottle shapes.
  • Scrap extraction



Spin trimmer for round lost heads (lost domes) – short version: DC100
Cutting machine for non-circular heads: DC200
Laser cutter: DC401
High speed rotary spin dome trimmer for round lost heads: DC828


Single head neck trimming unit: DC300
Twin head neck trimming unit: DC302


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