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DSS050 - Unloading station for flexible silos

Empty bottle unloading station for flexible silo


This unloading station unloads empty bottles from flexible silos with base outlet.

But first of all, what is the use of flexible silos?
When it comes to bottle storage, intelligent tumble pack solutions can reduce the workload heavily for environments where there is not much transport involved. Averagely, you can store 30 % fewer products per cubic meter, but in these environments, this will not be in relation to the workload, packaging material and/or investment needed.
Such flexible silo systems are often used for:

  • In-house productions, blowing and filling bottles in the same building.
  • Nearby sites, blowing bottles and the customer is nearby.
  • Internal storage solution for offline labelling, instead of online labelling. You can achieve a higher line efficiency by disconnecting the labelling machine from the bottle production machines. As a result, it will avoid stoppages of the blow molder due to the label rolls being empty. Also, it will avoid bubble forming in EBM due to the cooling of the bottles.

In conclusion, flexible silos are the ideal solution for non-food in-house productions, or nearby plastic bottle manufacturing sites!

Flexible silos with base outlet (DFS150) need to be unloaded frequently into infeed bins of bottle unscramblers.
Therefore, we have designed an unloading station which can automatically (or semi-automatically) unload these flexible silos (DFS150).
Moreover, the unit can unload 1 or 2 silos, depending on the options selected.

The machine

Silos are placed onto the DSS050 unloading station.
It has an outfeed belt to convey the bottles towards the exit, with or without upfeed conveyor.
Moreover, the automated opening of the flexible silos (DFS150) is optional.
Furthermore, vibrators ensure a complete emptying of the silos.

The empty bottle unloading station is available in 1 & 2 silo positions.
Besides, it ensures the perfect unloading, so it guarantees an operator-free operation.
Only suitable for silo type DFS150 (flexible silo with base outlet).


Flexible silo – base outlet – full height: DFS150


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