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Flat sheet - plastic pallet

Flat sheet, tray & top frame placer


As speeds of machines go up, there is a need for the downstream to follow, reducing labor cost.
The main purpose of this machine is to place flat sheets, as well as trays and top frames.

Using flat sheets (plastic or carton sheets) is still the easiest way to automate and reduce the operator intervention time. The DPP100 allows you to feed in a complete pallet of flat sheets, which can be fed into the palletizer one by one. As a result, you can maximize the time spans between two interventions from the operator.

Moreover, it has an anti-sticking system to ensure feeding in one tray at a time only. It grabs and releases the flat sheet in a special way to ensure this. After all, sticking is a common problem when using flat sheets. This can have different reasons, like humidity from cleaning, dirt, static charges between the sheets…

Furthermore, the machine has a centering system as well. Misalignment is typically caused by sticking: when the vacuum gripper grabs a flat sheet and the next one is partially sucked along (due to adhesion forces). As a result, the sheet often falls back onto the stack, causing the sheets to be misaligned (not neatly stacked). As the suction cups are mostly towards the middle, the gripper will obviously not detect the misalignment. Thusly, the flat sheet is placed anyway, not aligned. This is often the cause of fallen bottles on the edges (because there’s a gap) on pallets. Therefore, the centering system is very useful to avoid this!

Optionally, the machine can place top frames as well. In this way, the sheet is grabbed, and a top frame is placed on top, so it can be fed in automatically into the palletizer.

The machine

  • Can handle flat sheets, trays and top frames from 800 mm (36”) to 1420 mm (56”) in all directions
  • Has a centering system
  • Anti-sticking system
  • Compact footprint
  • Flexible pallet infeed (left, right, center)
  • Flexible tray outfeed (left, right, center)
  • Servo controlled high speed movements to cope with today’s high line speeds
  • Different grippers possible (sheets, top frames,…)



You can use the DPP100 on existing palletizers or on the following machines:

Fully automatic palletizers with integrated tray warehouse: DP240, DP252
Flexible palletizing and depalletizing unit: DP420


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