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XYZ dosing unit, foaming of sealings, gluing

XYZ dosing unit, foaming of sealings, gluing

The DXY100 is a flexible dosing unit that can be used in different fields of application in the plastic industry:

    • Applying different sealings on plastic caps. (E.g. IBC caps, hospital jar closure, etc.)
    • Applying glue on plastic parts to allow perfect positioning & dosing. (E.g. stainless covers on plastic parts.)

It is a development from Delta Application Technics (DAT), a sister company of Delta Engineering.
Delta Application Technics specialises in designing equipment for dosing, foaming, gluing, mixing, etc. After all, many applications in plastics nowadays require gluing and foaming techniques.
At Delta Engineering and Delta Application Technics, it is not just about selling a machine, but it’s about creating a solution. This is not just some marketing slogan, but a track record of more than 30 years. So thanks to our long experience, we can help you in selecting the right foam or glue supplier for your project, as well as the right technology!

Flexible machine with a configurable dosing system

You can select the dosing system:

    • For low glue usage (small productions), we can add a simple manual cartridge feeding system.
    • Or we can add a fully automatic system with optional bulk feeding, tailored for your selected product. In this case, the dosing system can have 1/2/… N components.

Besides, the positioning is based on the user-friendly Siemens Simotion Control. This allows you to modify the glue or foam traject by yourself. So… no need for specialists!

Different strokes (XYZ) available

Different machines with different strokes exist to suit your needs.
Moreover, the programming in G code is easy.

Latest safety standards

Our dosing machine meets the appropriate safety performance levels. So we always ensure the operator’s safety.


    • Standard dosing solution from an experienced partner
    • Configurable to your needs
    • Compact
    • Selectable technology


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