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DBB122 - bag stacking machine

Bag stacking machine


Bagging is one of the most popular ways of packing, because of its cleanliness and because it’s an economical way of packaging.

Today, there are 3 different ways of bagging:

  • Semi-automatic: pushing bottles into plastic premade bags. See our DB050: semi-automatic bagger. For this bagging technology, however, we cannot use our bag stacking machine DBB100.
  • Fully automatic: starting from tube film. We do not use this technology (tube style baggers), though, because tube film needs a specific tube for every bottle type / packaging size. And needing so many different tube sizes would increase stocks and reduce flexibility.
  • Fully automatic: starting from plain film. This is the technology that we use. The bottle layer is formed, row by row, and pushed through the film. A central welding bar welds the end of the first and the start of second bag. Side welding bars are closing the bag on the sides. This technology, developed by Delta Engineering in 2001, has several advantages: you can handle many difficult bottle shapes, you can use different film thicknesses as top and base sheets, you can use monolayer film… Moreover, plain film from the roll allows you to handle many different bottle / packaging sizes with only one size of film (in contrast to tube film). With this bagging technology, you can use our bag stacking machine DBB100.

For more information, please check our article on the different types of bagging technologies.

Due to the importance of saving space in factories, we felt the need to create a very compact bag stacking machine.

The machine

Our bag stacking machine is a very compact unit, which fits perfectly behind any type of bagger: also non-Delta machines.
To illustrate, it takes less space than the safety gate and exit conveyor / roller supplied with the bagging machine.

So how does it work?
It accepts bags from the bagger and then shifts them upwards, as long as no operator intends to grab the bag.
The machine has a buttonless operation. Furthermore, it uses the safety fence to detect the operator’s intentions.
The DBB100 has more than 10 stacking positions externally, on top of the ones in the bagger itself.

The bag buffer’s main advantage is that it allows you to increase your operator intervention time up to several hours in most cases. This represents a fairly good payback, given the unit’s economical approach.


  • Space saving
  • Labour saving
  • Economical concept



Bag stacking machine: DBB122 (same unit, but different dimensions)


Bagging machines for bottles: DB100, DB112, DB122


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