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DUC120 - ultrasonic cleaning unit

Ultrasonic cleaning unit


Plasma coating contaminates the bottle-dependent parts in our plasma coaters.
As carbon is deposited in the bottles and drums, it is also deposited on the bottle probes.
For this reason, we advise to clean the interchangeable parts once per shift with our ultrasonic cleaning unit DUC120. It cleans the carbon deposit in no time & with low effort.


The DUC120 is a heated ultrasonic cleaning unit with the following specifications:

  • Tank volume: 120 L
  • Frequency: 28 kHz
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Integrated liquid level control
  • Adjustable timer for ultrasonic operation
  • Adjustable thermostat for heating
  • Stainless steel admission and exhaust valve
  • Separate ultrasonic plate elements on the bottom of the tank
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Dimensions of tank – internal: 650 x 500 x 400 mm (26 x 20 x 16 inch)
  • Total machine dimensions: 1300x700x900 mm (51 x 28 x 35 inch)
  • Maximum dimensions of the products: 555 x 455 x 345 mm (21 x 17 x 13 inch)
  • Ultrasonic power (actual / peak): 1250/2500 W
  • Heating power: 4000 W

This industrial cleaner is perfectly suitable to clean plasma-treated parts. As a result of the regular cleaning of the bottle depending parts, you avoid contamination of the end products.

What is plasma coating?

To clarify, plasma coating uses electrical discharge to decompose a gas. As a result, it creates a thin coating layer on the inside wall of the product.
By doing so, you can improve its barriers: improved oxygen barriers (on PET), solvent barriers (on HDPE), water vapour… In fact, migration is the most important property: protects the product, reducing the interaction of the plastic with the product inside.
In addition, plasma coating improves sliding, adhesion, wettability
Moreover, this technology creates fully recyclable coated products!
Our plasma coaters can use 2 technologies:

  • Carbon deposition on PET containers. This results in an improved O2 ( >30x) barrier, CO2 ( >7x) and H2O ( >2x). As explained above, you can use our ultrasonic cleaning unit to clean this carbon deposit.
  • Carbon Fluor deposition. As a result, you can get a ‘fluorinated’ container without actually using any Fluor.


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