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CSG - Side grip conveyor

Side grip conveyor


We designed our side grip conveyors specifically to handle empty bottles.

Because they are very versatile, you can use them for different applications:

  • Uprighting lying bottles
  • Transferring bottles from one conveyor to another
  • Transporting bottles in a system where the bottom has to be accessible: Base inspection (for example, in camera inspections)
  • Avoiding bottles being pushed through on conveying lines
  • Spacing of bottles on a conveyor


The machine

  • The side grip conveyor is suitable for all types of products.
  • Different lengths (up to 1200 mm), speeds (up to 42 m/min) and drive systems are available.
  • Additionally, you can mount an encoder to track the distance.
  • You can buy this assembly separately (as a standalone unit) or as a part of a complete solution (for example, unit integrated on a moveable feet: see ‘Machine pictures’).
  • Spring loaded belts to hold the bottles and not crush them
  • Also, it has a spindle to raise or lower the system
  • Spindle to change the opening according to the bottle width
  • The side grip conveyor is driven by two motors so different speeds can be applied for certain applications.

Moreover, there is a fully shielded version available as well: DSG.

Download our technical catalogue for more specifications.


Flat belt conveyor – without vacuum: CFXXXX
Flat belt conveyor – with vacuum: CV200
Chain conveyor:  CD083, CD254
Adjustable side guidings: ASG


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