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DPB100 - pallet box

Pallet box


When packaging products into bags, the question rises about how to stack up full height pallets and still keep the products protected without raising the costs. Therefore, we developed the pallet box DPB100, which can provide a solution to this problem.


The pallet box consists of 2 identical plastic pallets (1 functioning as the bottom and 1 as the top cover), as well as a cardboard or plastic foldable sleeve in between.
Furthermore, the plastic pallets are asymmetrical and with an interlocking footprint. So when stacking the pallet boxes, the bottom of the next pallet will fit into the top cover of the pallet underneath. As a result, this makes the pallets perfectly stackable, creating stable stacks with a minimum waste of space. You can see an image of 2 pallets stacked on top of each other under ‘Product Pictures’ below.

Moreover, the box protects the bottles and the bags, and the box is not wasted, so this stays an ecological solution.
When unpacking, the operator takes off the top cover and removes the cardboard. Then, he can easily unload the pallet. Finally, the cardboard (folded together) is returned with the plastic pallets (which also fit into each other).

The pallet box

You can use the pallet box for different applications:

  • Tumble packing bottles in the box. Inserting a plastic bag makes it food grade as well.
  • Stacking bagged bottles.
  • Arranged tumble packing of bottles.

(To clarify, ‘tumble packing’ means that bottles are scrambled freely into a box. This way of packing is mainly suitable for smaller products, up to approximately 1,5 L.)

Besides, the sleeves can be optimized to the perfect stacking height, fully using the available height in lorries, racks, etc.
Additionally, it takes away the need of stretch wrapping and reduces the packaging costs heavily.


  • Recyclable
  • You can optimize the sleeve to product / lorry height – can be colour-coded for easy recognition
  • Protects the products
  • Pallet can be RFID (radio-frequency identification) tagged for tracking & tracing
  • You can use the warehouse up to the roof height
  • You can stock the pallet boxes in racks easily, but actually you don’t even need racks
  • Can be handled over roller conveyors
  • No need for stretch film



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