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Layer forming machine


On fully automated lines, you need a layer building machine.
As speeds are increasing, we need to split the bottle flow into manageable speeds.
For this reason, we have developed our VZT/DLF range of layer forming machines to take care of this.

The machine

The DLF213 is a twin infeed layer forming machine, and can make rows up to 1422 mm long.

So how does this work?
Firstly, the machine creates rows and pushes them onto a table. By doing so, it forms a layer. Then, when the layer is complete, it is pushed onto an indexing belt, from where it is grabbed by the layer gripper.
Optionally, we can combine this layer forming machine with the DPP100 sheet placer. Firstly, the DPP100 places a sheet onto the belt. Subsequently, the DLF213 pushes the bottles onto the sheet. Then, a Pick & Place unit (DP410 or DP420) will grab the complete layer with a vacuum head.
In this way, we can build pallets in a very reliable way, allowing us to handle unstable bottles!
Thanks to their design, the units can grab one layer while the next one is being built.
Furthermore, we have different machines available:

  • VZT252: Layer forming machine, 1200 mm wide, single infeed
  • VZT253: Layer forming machine, 1450 mm wide, single infeed
  • DLF213: Layer forming machine, 1450 mm wide, double infeed
  • DLF413: Layer forming machine, 1200 mm wide, quadruple infeed

We can obtain the right number of infeed streams for a given layer former by splitting the high-speed flow into the requested number of streams with our lane dividers DSW200 (2 lanes) or DSW600 (up to 6 lanes).


  • Can handle a wide range of products
  • Easy setup and short changeover times thanks to recipes
  • Independent component in our fully automatic palletizing systems
  • Servo-controlled to achieve the needed positioning precision
  • You can obtain high speeds thanks to our up to 4 infeed VZT/DLF systems



Sheet placing unit: DP401, DP402, DP405
Modular palletizing & depalletizing component: DP409, DP410, DP420


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