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Lane switcher – 1 into 2 lanes

The DSW200 divides 1 incoming line into 2 outgoing lines.


Bottles have a specific maximum speed. This speed depends on the tilting angle made by the centre of gravity.
To clarify, the centre of gravity is the average location of the weight of an object. In other words, it is an imaginary point in the centre of an object, which will determine how the object will move or rotate.
For this reason, the weight and height of the bottle (among other things) will determine its maximum speed.

If the speed of your line is higher than this maximum bottle speed, you need to divide the high-speed stream into multiple streams at lower speeds that we CAN handle (for this bottle). Typically, this speed is somewhere between 5-12K BPH (bottles per hour) per lane.

You can do this by dividing 1 lane (high speed) into 2 lanes (lower speed per lane).

To this end, we designed the lane switcher!

The machine

The DSW200 is a twin lane switching device, equipped with vacuum to ensure bottle stability.
Moreover, the lane switcher is completely enclosed, with safety PLC (programmable logic controller), and the appropriate performance level, according to the latest safety standards.


  • Reduced number of operator parameters (auto calculation)
  • Vacuum optional
  • Quick changeover



High speed lane switcher – 1 into 6 lanes: DSW600


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