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bottle takeout system - ETN220

Bottle takeout system for KAUTEX blow moulder type KEB5


Surprisingly, most machine suppliers don’t integrate a bottle takeout system themselves.
As a result, the need arose for a system to grab the bottles from the machine. And then set them down on a conveyor, feeding the bottles out of the machine, towards the downstream.

Therefore, we at Delta Engineering include a vacuum conveyor option on all our machines. The vacuum ensures a stable setdown of the bottles, especially with unstable, top-heavy bottles.
Moreover, this is even a necessity on faster lines.

Additionally, the bottle takeout system will increase your line OEE. Also, we will make it fit in perfectly with your downstream. Especially the conveying part with our 15° junctions will ensure a trouble-free operation, avoiding fallen bottles.

Important notes

We have a range of standard bottle takeout systems, but we can also design one for your ‘not listed’ machine.

  • However, taking care is important when designing machine takeouts, because machine suppliers often won’t share their 3D machine files.
    This creates extra risks, as often our customers have already ordered the machine and we would only be able to measure the details when the machine is on site. Mostly, there is no time to wait for the engineering phase and this can have undesired outcomes. Of course, this is only the case for non-listed machines on our site, or with new versions of it.
    Therefore, it is important to be careful and to allow enough time in the planning to do this the right way.

  • Besides, bottle takeout systems have another burden as well, namely machine safety.
    Although it is often disregarded, basically no alterations on the machine’s safety standards are possible, even if they are not safe by default. Often, bottle takeout systems are sold with a built-in declaration, leaving responsibility with the plant manager or the owner of the business.
    For this reason, we believe it is better to buy this equipment from the machine manufacturer, keeping responsibilities intact.

In any case, we can help you and have the engineering capacity to design whatever needed for you to get the bottles out in a safe way!

We have different solutions proven over time, listed on our site.

The machine

We designed this bottle takeout system in such a way that it grabs the bottles from the blow moulding machine. It is mounted on a rail so it is easily retractable, allowing fast mould changes.

Optionally, a leak tester can be mounted on it, resulting in a compact and complete solution. Perhaps, the biggest advantage is the KEB5 machine efficiency gain.

Due to its design, it grabs the bottles and sets them down on an optional vacuum conveyor.
As a result, when bottles with base scrap appear, they don’t jam up anymore. On such machines, the empty plastic bottles typically come out on a slide, leaving a gap for the scrap to pass. It is only at the end, where the downstream starts, that this gap stops, because often conveyors are starting. When such bottles appear, it jams up at exactly this position.

Because the KAUTEX KEB5 has no detection and bottles are pushed together until everything is jammed up, guidings are bent, etc.
As a result, this often creates dangerous situations for the operators, as they manually try to unblock it from the outside, not focusing on the top deflashing unit. In fact, it is not the first operator who loses fingers trying to resolve this…!

However, the bottle takeout system ETN220_KEB5 resolves this unsafe situation by grabbing and setting down the bottles. Besides, the guard is interlocked with the KEB5 guard, creating extra safety, because the deflasing units are not accessible anymore.


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