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List of available, nearby airports:

Baia Mare (BAY)

Delta Engineering is located approx. 500m away from Baia Mare airport.
There is a direct flight from Bucharest in the evening and going in the morning on Sundays and Thursdays.
The airport accepts private jets as well.
GPS coordinates: Latitude: 47° 39′ 17.99″ N, Longitude: 23° 27′ 35.39″ E

Satu Mare (SUJ)

Direct flights from London, 45min away by taxi.
GPS coordinates: Latitude: 47° 42′ 7.19″ N, Longitude: 22° 53′ 4.79″ E

Cluj-Napoca (CLJ)

Direct flights from all major European cities, 2.5h away by taxi.
GPS coordinates: Latitude: 46° 47′ 3.59″ N, Longitude: 23° 41′ 5.99″ E

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