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DC302 - Twin head neck trimming unit

Twin head neck trimming unit


Neck trimming is a necessity when blowing multi-layer bottles. This is because calibrating multi-layer bottles creates a barrier leak on the neck, as the material is blown horizontally over the neck. Therefore, the neck requires trimming.

Reaming the top layer ensures a flat, perfect neck, without deflashing traces.
Especially with bigger diameters, where it is difficult for the calibration pin to be perfectly straight.
You can place the neck trimming units behind a spin dome trimmer (DC100, DC150) (for lost domes), in order to reduce the weight in the neck for further weight savings.

The machine

Firstly, bottles are coming into the machine and are split with an integrated unit towards 2 neck trimming heads, working independently. As a result, this ensures a double speed output and gives some redundancy as well, when there is a small issue with one head, along with some buffer on the line.

Then, while trimming, bottles are grabbed by the integrated masks on the body and on the neck.
Moreover, thanks to our specific way of doing this, the neck is always at a fixed position, independent from the base of the bottle. The bottle design must allow this, though. In fact, this fixed position is very important to have stable quality within tolerances, as well as to avoid the risk that the neck is trimmed too deeply and closing issues may appear.


  • Fully servo controlled, which results in smooth operation with high accuracy.
  • Optimum cutting conditions by high speed milling head.
  • Fast cycle time and product changeover by recipes and quick changeable masks.
  • Totally integrated control of vacuum pumps, which results in optimal energy saving.
  • Chip removal by vacuum extraction in the head.
  • Fully closed frame for safe operation.



Single head neck trimming unit: DC300


Spin dome trimmer for round lost heads (lost domes) – short version: DC100
Spin trimmer for round lost heads (lost domes) – long version: DC150
Cutting machine for non-circular heads: DC200
Laser cutter: DC401
High speed rotary spin dome trimmer for round lost heads: DC828


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