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DEP132 - tray unloading table

Single pallet layer (tray) unloading table – bottle unscrambler


On low speed lines with simple square bottles, low-cost alternatives are often necessary instead of expensive unscramblers.
For this reason, we have developed two space-saving semi-automatic bottle unscramblers or tray unloading tables:

  • The DEP132: Single pallet layer unloading table, which is suitable for square bottles
  • And the DEP232: Double pallet layer unloading table, which is suitable for square and round bottles

The single layer unit is used on slower speeds, or where less buffer or operator intervention time is necessary.
Basically, it is always better to go for the twin layer unit, unless space restrictions dictate otherwise.

The machine

Firstly, bottles are placed in trays onto the machine belt. Then, the guidings are lowered over the front and end of the tray. In this way, the operator can pull the tray while the bottles remain on the belt.
Thereafter, the belt drives the bottles to the end of that belt, feeding them onto a section of exit belts, which are perpendicular to the main belt. These exit belts are driven independently, with increasing speed, to create a single row of bottles on the exit of the bottle unscrambler.
Speeds depend on the bottle type.


  • The bottles leave the machine neatly ordered on the conveyor
  • Less bottle damage
  • Low cost compared to unscramblers
  • Space saving



Double pallet layer (tray) unloading table – bottle unscrambler: DEP232


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