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DHP010 - Takeout tool for handles

Takeout tool for stackable handles


The traditional way of injection moulding external handles gives rise to many problems.
For example: When producing handles in bulk, the operator often has to cram many handles in a box in a disorderly way, when the plastic has not even cooled down yet. This often results in warping, shrinkage or deformation. Consequently, this causes line stoppages, jams, etc. At least, this is the case with conventional handle applicators.
Therefore, in order to prevent this, we at Delta Engineering designed the DHP301 handle applicator in such a way that the handles are stackable.

The tool

– On the injection side, a standard takeout robot grabs different layers of handles, and stacks them onto a belt.
In this way, we can create multiple stacks of handles on the injection side. By doing so, we avoid all previously mentioned issues of shrinkage, deformation, etc.
Once the desired number of handles has been reached, the stacking conveyor moves 1 position forwards and the new piles can be built.
This is a perfect solution, as it creates lots of buffer / time for the operator.
You can grab the ready-made stacks with the DHP010 tool, and then insert them into a cardboard box.
– On the blow moulding side, we can do the opposite.
More specifically, you can use the tool to grab the stacks from the cardboard boxes and to release them onto the infeed conveyor of the DHP301 handle applicator.



Handle applicator without unscrambler: DHP301


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