by / Wednesday, 26 March 2014 / Published in ETN210

Take out system for NISSEI blow moulder type 70DPH

The ETN210 70DPH take out is designed especially for the ASB 70DPH machine. It is completely integrated in the machine and connecting seamlessly with the standard take out machine connections. To be ordered separately @ ASB.

Thanks to this integration of the ETN210 70DPH a lot of space is saved, you can place easily one machine more every 3 machines…

Next to the space saving, safety is key. As the take out is embedded in the machine, it is behind the machine safety, no guards have to be modified, creating unsafe situations.

The bottles are coming out on a CD083 chain conveyor, integrating perfectly with our downstream equipment, leak testers, baggers, tray packers, palletizers, vision systems, etc …


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