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Take out system for KAUTEX blow moulder type KEB3

This KEB3 take out system is designed in such a way that it grabs the bottles from the machine. It is mounted on a rail so it is easily retractable, allowing fast mould changes.
Optionally a leak tester can be mounted resulting in a compact and complete solution. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the KEB3 machine efficiency gain.
Due to it’s design bottles are grabbed and set down on an optional vacuum conveyor. When bottles with base scrap appear, they don’t jam up anymore. Typically on those machines the empty plastic bottles come out on a slide, leaving a gap for the scrap to pass. It is just at the end, where the downstream starts , this gap stops, because often conveyors are started. When such bottles appear it jam’s up at exactly this position. The KEB3 has no detection and bottles are pushed together till a point that everything is jammed up , guidings are bent, etc…
Often it creates dangerous situations for the operators as they manually try to unblock from the outside, not focusing on the top deflashing unit. It is not the first operator who looses fingers trying to resolve this.
The ETN220 take out unit resolves this unsafe situation by grabbing and setting down. The guard is as well interlocked with the KEB3 guard, creating extra safety, the deflasing units are not accessible anymore.


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