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Take out system for 1 BLOW with integrated high voltage leak tester

The ETN231 is designed to take the bottle out of a 1BLOW blow moulding machine model 2L. Before placing the bottles on the take out conveyor, a high voltage leak test is performed. In this way, it is possible to detect microcracks on the bottom of the blown bottle. Bad bottles are blown out of the conveyor, good bottles continue.
The machine has a function to eject bad blown bottles, before the test. This is only needed at start up when the machine still might produce preforms.
The height of the conveyor can easily be adjusted electrically. A whole range of bottles can be produced from a height of 50 to 360mm.
The conveyor is equipped with vacuum, so smaller and unstable bottles remain on the conveyor during set down.
The conveyor can easily be connected and removed to/from the blow moulding machine thanks to the 2 quick release connections and wheels.


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