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Next generation rotary leak tester

Delta Engineering presents a new, next generation rotary leak tester, the UDK616.
The UDK616 is a modular device that can be configured with 8 or 16 test heads. Using the latest control systems makes this rotary leak tester ready for the new industry standards for data logging.
Thanks to its operational readiness for our latest software algorithms and its mechanical stability, the Delta Engineering design ensures a trouble-free operation with a minimum on false rejects.

  • 8 or 16 test heads available
  • 7” big operator screen, with graphical support for easy adjustment
  • Quick change infeed – outfeed – star wheel parts
  • Latest software algorithms
  • Compact footprint
  • Big safety doors & safety in/outfeed hingeable shieldings for easy access
  • OPC UA ready
  • Data logging available
  • Networking capabilities
  • Adjustment wheels with indicator for height, in and outfeed bottle diameter/height
    Rotary leak tester – up to 32 test heads: UDK632
    Leak tester for bottles: UDK050, UDK055, UDK250UDK310, UDK341
    Leak tester for bottles – high speed: UDK351UDK352UDK353UDK354
    Leak tester for IBC: UDK500
    High-voltage leak tester for PET bottles: UDK451, UDK452, UDK453, UDK454, UDK461
    Built-in leak tester for bottles: ODK050ODK250ODK310
    Built-in leak tester for barrels: ODK500
    How many bottles per hour can I test? Please check out our leak test calculator
    How accurately can I test?

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