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DTC1240 - Pallet transfer car

Pallet transfer car


A pallet transfer car can be useful when building a new factory and you can use space behind the machines.
It allows you to grab the pallets from the palletizers and bring them to an exit conveyor. In short, it can transfer pallets over a longer distance without obstructing the access to other machines.

However, there are speed limitations, because it can handle only one pallet at a time.
Alternatively, a roller conveyor is a better option, with a rotary station. Although this is a bit more expensive, but it has more buffer, which might come in handy when the stretch wrapper jams up.
A pallet transfer car stops the production pretty quickly when an issue occurs. For that reason, we prefer rollers instead.

The machine

  • This pallet transfer car runs on a steel track, transporting pallets over the track.
  • Additionally, the DTC1240 is equipped with a laser safety scanner. As a result, it can generate a stop immediately when a person or an object occurs on the track.
  • Besides, the power and data communication runs over a cable track.
  • For safety reasons, however, this solution has to run in a shielded area.
  • Finally, the pallet transfer car can (optionally) be equipped with a top plate for pallet stability (clamping the unstrapped – unwrapped pallets).



  • Available for pallets up to a width of 1200 mm.
  • Can be integrated in Delta packing machines to obtain a fully automatic line.



Palletizers with integrated roller conveyor: DP240, DP290,  DP300
Pallet lift: PLM100
Roller conveyor: CR1240
Pallet duplicator: DP050
Pallet dispenser: DPD250


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