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DC401 - laser cutter

Laser cutter


Most trimming systems need a special geometry to cut. However, this is not the case with the DC401 laser cutter!

Our laser trimmer allows to cut anywhere in the bottle, no matter how thin or thick the walls are! This is the main difference with “normal” trimming systems.
Today, it is only suitable for ‘round’ cutting areas, but other machines will follow in the future.

The machine

This laser cutter can do laser trimming of round PET, PP, HDPE… bottles.
It can obtain high speeds: up to 8000 BPH per laser head.

Moreover, it has a new, patented design and can cut basically through any material. As a result, every bottle gets a perfect, straight cut!

Furthermore, we designed the machine in such a way that the fumes are extracted and do not result in a ‘blooming’ effect. (In other words, the design avoids that fumes would migrate to the surface of the bottle and change its composition.) Actually, the laser cutting is mostly not the technical difficulty, but handling the fumes is.

In addition, scrap is conveyed away externally, so it can be grinded. Then, the finished products are coming out while standing on an exit conveyor (CD083), if necessary equipped with vacuum.

Besides, the cutting speed depends on the wall thickness of the material. But this laser cutter can basically handle any wall thickness!

The machine concept is rotary and designed to the latest food & safety standards.


Spin dome trimmer for round lost heads (lost domes) – short version: DC100
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