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DP551 - Fully automatic divider sheet palletizer

Fully automatic flat sheet palletizer


In today’s market where speeds go up and floorspace is precious, palletizing with plastic flat sheets (divider sheets) is still the most economical way of palletizing. This is because there’s barely any packaging cost, it’s easy to automate on the blow moulding side and it’s also easy to depalletize on the filling side. Therefore, our product range includes the DP551, which is designed specifically to make pallets with divider sheets.

The machine

So how does this flat sheet palletizer work?

Firstly, it brings the bottles to a top-level infeed.

This top level is surrounded with a platform so operators can easily access the whole layer forming section. Furthermore, there is a control panel on top and base level for easy access on all levels.
Consequently, thanks to this concept, this is a really compact machine.

This unit can make full height pallets up to a height of 3.1 m. Moreover, it can have 4 different palletizing sections, so it will suit your needs & budget!

Furthermore, it has a full pallet of flat sheets storage. As a result, this heavily reduces the operator intervention time!


  • Different stacking patterns possible
  • Modular machine
  • Very limited footprint
  • Can handle fairly high speeds
  • Handles all different pallets: CP1, …, CP9, EUR, IND, LOSCAM, 48” x 56”, etc.



Semi-automatic palletizer – buffer table 1200 x 1200mm: DP200
Semi-automatic palletizer – buffer table 1400 x 1200mm: DP201
Fully automatic palletizer with integrated tray warehouse – in trays: DP240
Fully automatic palletizer – stackable containers: DP290, DP300


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