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DC200 - cutting machine for non-circular heads

Cutting machine for non-circular heads


Most trimming systems are for round bottles, as most necks are round. However, some bottles have different neck geometries. One of the most famous examples is the Nesquik bottle with its specific shape.

Therefore, we designed this cutting machine to trim ‘oddly’ shaped bottle necks, like square, oval, rectangular, etc. A special lost dome (lost head) design is necessary to use the DC200.

The machine

Firstly, bottles are running into the machine and are grabbed sideways in 2 areas:

  • by the lost dome, stabilising the neck
  • by the body

This setup ensures that the bottles are grabbed in a stable way.
Then, the cutting machine pulls the bottles through a twin rotary knife setup, separating the lost dome from the bottle.
Subsequently, it leads the lost domes sideways, while the bottles continue straight.
Moreover, this setup allows fairly high trimming speeds, needed in today’s production environment.


  • Bottles are cut in-line & standing
  • Different profiles are available
  • Perfect cut, through adjustment of knife (without burrs through heated knife)
  • Scrap extraction



Spin dome trimmer for round lost heads (lost domes) – short version: DC100
Spin trimmer for round lost heads (lost domes) – long version: DC150
Laser cutter: DC401
High speed rotary spin dome trimmer for round lost heads: DC828


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