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Fully automatic case packer – per layer


Case packing is a widely used solution in the US market. Case packers pack empty bottles in boxes in a neatly arranged way, either with or without interlayer sheets.

In some cases, end users are even filling their products in the box!

At Delta Engineering, we have developed different types of case packers:

  • Layer types: grabbing a layer at once: DCP300
  • Row types: grabbing a row at once: DCP100 or DCP200
  • Semi-automatic case packer: DCP050 for low speed packing. This still involves manual labour, though.

Row types are mostly advisable for HDPE, whereas we mainly advise layer types for sticky materials like PET, PP, LDPE… As PET can be very sticky, it can cause issues in getting the last row in. For this reason, the layer types are better.
On the other hand, row types can be very useful for specific bottle types, for example conical tubes.
Conical tubes can be tumble packed in an arranged way, resulting in high bottle volume / stacking ratios. As a result, this reduces the transport cost per bottle.

The machine

Firstly, the DCP300 feeds the bottles in on a chain or flat belt conveyor. Then, the case packer forms a layer of bottles row by row. Once the layer is complete, a gripper arm picks up the layer and inserts the bottles (neck up) into the cardboard box. This box can be up to L 800 mm (31”) x W 600 mm (24”) x H 600 mm (24”). A special top plate inside the gripper keeps all bottles down when it pulls back from the box.

The infeed section is similar to our bagging machines, pushing the infeed row onto an indexing conveyor. The conveyor is linked to the control system with an encoder. As a result, it avoids bottles pushing each other forward.

Furthermore, this system is especially suitable for difficult bottles, making it easier to adjust.

The box is centered automatically and the flaps on the 4 sides make sure there is no crash when the gripper enters the box.


  • Rigid construction
  • Suitable for more complex bottles and difficult materials


Full automatic case packer – per row – small boxes: DCP100
Full automatic case packer – per row – big boxes: DCP200
Semi-automatic case packer – per layer: DCP050


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