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DBP101 - single head bottle picker

Single head bottle picker (flex picker)


Bottle pickers (flex pickers) were designed for high end markets avoiding scratches on bottles.
After all, scratches are easily created on the common disc unscramblers, because bottles fall on a rotary disc and fly to the outside of the disc by gravity.
Besides, these unscramblers do not only create scratches, but are also not so user-friendly in changing over to other bottles. Therefore, we designed the DBP101 bottle picker.

The machine

The single head bottle picker is a bottle unscrambler which uses vision for bottle recognition.
To clarify, the vision system recognizes the bottle position on the conveyor and gives the coordinates to the robot for picking up. Then, a robot (Fanuc) grabs and positions the bottles.

You can use this machine as a normal unscrambler or to put the products on downstream conveyors after blow & drop machines and for transport towards the filling lines.

The unit can:

  • Recognise damaged bottles (contour check – vision system)
  • Grab bottles and set them down on the vacuum conveyor
  • Orient bottles
  • Set the plastic bottles in pucks (unstable bottle handling)


  • First of all, it avoids bottle damage, as the bottles fall on a special belt
  • This bottle picker can handle different volumes of products (from 50ml up to 5L) and different shapes of bottles (round, oval and square).
  • User-friendly: comfortable operation on 17” screen
  • Easy changeover thanks to recipes
  • Compact machine in comparison to existing unscramblers
  • No product dependent parts
  • User-friendly camera system, no need for knowledge of vision systems
  • Output possible on different output conveyors



Twin head bottle picker (flex picker): DBP102


Bottle unloading bin: DBL110


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